June 20

Posted on: June 20th, 2017 No Comments

Howdy y’all! Well, summer is here and it feels great…to me. Im in the third week of a 2 month long, amazing program called Artist Inc. It’s put on by the economic development dept. of the city of Austin and is a business focused, strategic incubator for artists. What a god send!!!  Seriously, it’s so great to finally meet my peers here in Austin that are at a similar career level. There are 25 of us and everyone is super on top of their game. It’s been great for me to see myself in the context of other artists for so many reasons, chief among them is that I actually have my game pretty well together! That feels good, and now I know Im not the only lone wolf out in the wilderness scrambling to make it work.  I now see that most educational environments [where young people are trained in the arts] simply do not spend much time or energy on teaching students what to expect, how to handle themselves, and perhaps most importantly, what skills are necessary to make some sort of profitable practice out of their new, and very likely expensive, artistic skills.

As the program progresses, I see that my passion actually lies right now in helping young people find their way. Does that relate directly to the arts, no, but thats ok. As I dive deeper into myself and what makes me tick, I see that I have a big drive to help people, especially youth, and as I do this more and more, I gain more energy, more access to resources, and more juice to follow my path.  Im still very much interested in the arts, but I must be honest with myself and acknowledge that life is calling me to build my educational program. And I trust more and more that following these clues will lead to true fulfillment.

That said, I am getting asked to work on more and more involved art and design projects, and deciding what projects get my attention is quite maddening! I know the key to balancing life, work, play, service, is time and energy management, which historically has not been my strong suit. Thats where Artist Inc and the masterful work of Tim Ferriss are really helping me.  I am really uncomfortable delegating craft work to others, but Im going to push into that direction and see what happens.