April 12

Posted on: April 12th, 2017 No Comments

This spring has burst on the scene in a big way! Im back working with St. Andrews School, this time redesigning and fabricating a custom suite of furniture for their biology dept. Another favorite client, Austin Corner Vet, has commissioned me to create a very fabulous reception desk for their new space in south Austin. And I’m finishing up a large world map cut from plate steel for another client’s reception area.  Amidst all this action, I’ve applied for numerous grant and commission opportunities with the City of Austin’s Cultural Arts Division.  Last week I was selected as a finalist in their first ever Artist In Residence Program. The interview went well and although I was not chosen for the position, it was great to both be a candidate and go through the process of thinking about how I could work with the city’s watershed dept. in mutually productive ways. I’m also applying for a grant on behalf of my educational non-profit, Skills Afield, to produce a series of conversational workshops focused on demystifying the hidden workings of numerous creative professions.  Of course I’ll also be applying for the Texas Biennial, one of the most important shows in the region! And thanks to my good friend Melanie Harris de Maycotte, of Polyglot Gallery, I’ve been introduced to the lovely independent curator of the Biennial, Leslie Moody Castro. It’s an interesting time in Austin; with all the development, political grumblings, and copious amounts of cultural funding to go around.

With each application, I get to look at my practice, write about it, and see slightly more about where I want to point myself. It’s clear to me that continuing to work with youth, education, and public projects are where my passion thrives! It’s honestly quite hard to guard myself against the onslaught of stories and fears that arise when I think of continuing to move in this direction, but it’s not stopping me from taking the necessary steps to get there, wherever there is.

Next month I’ll be traveling to NYC to visit the Frieze Art Fair with my good friend Paula.  She’s an old skool babe with a sharp wit, big smile, and more bracelets than a teenage girl working in the mall. She knows the NYC art scene like the back of her bracelet covered hand and has plans to whisk my wife and I all over town introducing us to awesome folks and dazzling sights! I’m super pumped to check out Sleep No More, you know, just a few blocks away from her 2500 sf loft in Chelsea…yeah, for real!  Anyway, it’s going to rock and getting away from the buzz of Austin for a while sounds great, even if I’ll likely be buzzing on a higher frequency going forward 🙂